Wire Rod

Wire rod is steel wire delivered in coiled form used by manufacturers to product a variety of products such as chain link fencing, nails, wire and stucco netting. We also provide material suitable for high quality products such as pre-stressed concrete strand (PC Strand), Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR) wire, garage spring wire, and others.

We utilize an in-line Eddy Current (ECT) non-destructive testing system and multiple laser dimensional gauges to ensure good surface quality and dimensional uniformity. Our quality laboratories are equipped to measure chemical content, tensile strength and ductility properties, Rockwell hardness, and Vickers microhardness. We are also able to macro-etch billet samples to identify relevant internal features and perform microscopy on finished wire rod samples.

Material is produced per ASTM A510M in carbon levels 1005 to 1080 and tensile strengths from 55 KSI to 180 KSI. We develop grades as necessary to meet our customers' needs.

Size Max Coil Weight (lbs)
5.5 mm 5,200
1/4 in 5,200
6.5 mm 5,200
7 mm 5,200
7.5 mm 5,200
8 mm 5,200
9 mm 5,200
9.5 mm 5,200
11 mm 5,200
12.7 mm 5,200
14 mm 5,000
15 mm 5,000
16 mm 5,000
17.5 mm 5,000
19 mm 5,000

Product tags include 2D barcode compliant with CRSI standard.